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Our Drinks

We always maintain an impressive selection of premium spirits behind the bar as well as an extensive wine list and a vast collection of premium whiskeys that can be bought by the bottle as well as glass.


Celebrate the weekend and join us at the bar for a range of offers across our crafted cocktails.


Available Friday-Saturday 5pm-7pm


The Whiskey Vault

Our imposing whiskey vault display is a focal feature of our bar not just because of its stunning façade. We stock a selection of over 69 Whiskeys, with a menu divided into regions and their respective character including The Highlands, Islands, The Lowlands, Speyside, Blended, Irish, Welsh, Japanese and American Whiskey categories.

Cocktail Connoisseurs

Our sophisticated cocktail menu plays on the strengths of our selection of spirits, complementing each with fresh ingredients and premium mixers. From refined classics like the Manhatten and Negroni to bar favourites like the Porn Star Martini, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste!  

Scotch Whisky Experience

Join us for an exclusive Scotch Whisky tasting experience. 

Scotch is like wine, in that the location of where it's produced makes a big difference in taste,looks and smells. Savour four of Scotland's prized whiskies with a guided tasting tour by our bartenders.


Your whisky journey will take you all over Scotland, sampling the best Scotch they have to offer! 

Wine List

'There is more art to wine than science'

We are proud to offer you a collection of some of the worlds finest wines, our cellars hold an interesting collection that stretches from the traditional to the contemporary. 

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