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Our Story 

Created in 2015 to compliment the extensive refurbishment of the Bellhouse Hotel to the stunning Crowne Plaza that stands today, the 1269 pays homage to the rich live-stock history of the local area. With a mentality of ‘quality over quantity’, our concise menu of offers a collection of perfectly cooked, locally sourced dishes that focus on the intense flavour of each individual element.

A Rich


The name of the 1269 references the year the Royal Charter permitted an annual Livestock Market which is still celebrated to this day. This piece of our history permeates our menu, with a focus on high quality locally reared meat, rich in flavour and cooked to perfection. We also offer a vast selection of Vegetarian options that are in-keeping with our commitment to culinary expertise.







Late & Live 

Listen to live music every Friday night from local bands and performers while you enjoy a drink at the bar.

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