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1269 Restaurant & Bar to open in the Autumn

A new bar and dining destination, 1269 Restaurant & Bar at the Crowne Plaza Gerrards Cross Hotel, will be opening its doors this Autumn.

1269, the year the neighbouring town of Beaconsfield was first given a charter allowing an annual market for trading livestock, will also provide the name and inspiration for this new epicurean experience.

Designed by SuperFutures, the interior design agency behind Chotto Matte and Barrafina, the statement design piece of the restaurant and bar is a transparent meat ageing room, as well as a whisky vault.

The local livestock heritage will be further evoked through the space’s unique design. “Our research revealed there were no meat specialists in the local area, despite the area’s rich livestock heritage, so we saw an opportunity to create a fun and fresh offering that would turn the restaurant into a destination and a place to be seen," says Ben Webb, director of Superfutures.

“A meat ageing room and a giant marble slab, positioned next to a Josper Grill will be the main focal point of the restaurant. During the day the marble table will be used as a serving counter and in the evening it transforms into a Chef’s table for up to 10 people, providing a more intimate culinary experience. We plan to run charcuterie and ‘meet the butcher’ style classes once established. There is also an indoor/outdoor style area, which breaks out on to the terrace making the perfect setting for al-fresco dining in the summer months.

“One of the design challenges we faced, was the long space within which to install the restaurant and bar areas.” Ben continued. “Thematically the perfect bed-fellow to the restaurant’s livestock theme had to be Bourbon, but the areas needed to blend, as well as retain their independent identity. Our solution is to add gradient lighting. Upon entry into either area the guest is greeted in bright light, which then gets darker as they move across the room and creates a buzzy atmosphere.

“In the bar area we will install a onyx panel which glows orange and sets the ambience for the space. A glass whisky vault will adorn one of the walls so that guests who have purchased a special bottle of whisky can store it and drink it, as and when the moment presents itself. It also makes a great area to host private meetings in an informal setting.

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